Review of Lenovo Legion Y540

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This article is about review of Lenovo Legion Y540 this will gives important gaming execution bundled in a savvy looking and difficult body.


  • The Lenovo Legion Y540 starts at Rs 74,990 in India, with better versions moreover on offer
  • Lenovo has labored in all of the fundamental ports one might require.
  • With a 144Hz invigorate charge, the Lenovo Legion Y540 offers a respectable gaming revel in.

The Legion Y540 (15) and its charges start at Rs 74,990 for the bottom variation. At the off risk that financing isn’t an difficulty for you, you can spend extra and supply it with a Nvidia RTX 2060 illustrations card, a ninth Gen center i7 processor and as much as 32 gigs of RAM. For my survey, I picked a fairly an increasing number of affordable spec, with the Nvidia GTX 1660Ti, a middle i7 processor, a 512GB PCIe SSD stockpiling, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and more than one long intervals of sincere time for some true gaming. How’s the enjoy? Peruse on.


The Legion review of Lenovo Legion Y540 appears not at all like some other gaming pc and lots of can also take it to be handiest a everyday workstation. Furthermore, this is beneficial for game enthusiasts who want a stealthy looking system that doesn’t yell ‘take a gander at-me-I-am-a gaming-laptop aaargh’. The Legion Y540 (15) seems tasteful with a simple plan but it has enough symptoms to endorse there’s some thing irregular within the engine. Like the Dell Alienware computers, the Legion Y540 (15) has really forward-set up pivots so that it will make area for I/O ports at the again. The quilt in itself seems high-quality with an surprising surface, which I uncertainty might pickup be capable of up earth in a dusty country like India. All things considered, this top angle kisses farewell to smears and makes it easy to preserve the pc with the aid of improving the grasp. Moreover, the Legion brand as typically as a sparkling ‘Y’ LED light that for a trade simply gleams white. My eyes are in tears for this visual assist.

Open the top and you’ll see a complete-sized console with a unusually masterminded Numpad along a respectably massive trackpad. The trackpad registers exact facts sources and the matte surface on it gives more reality whilst looking over. Certainly, even the console is excellent for operating with good enough and pleasurable key tour alongside a sensible measure of criticism. Additionally, due to the white backdrop illumination, it assists with composing at some point of day simply as night.

What’s unconventional right here is the base bezel established webcam below the Legion brand which from the outset resembles a screw lodging. The exhibit has amazingly thin bezels on the opposite three edges and it aids for a vivid evaluation expertise.

Concerning the bodily availability alternatives, the Legion Y540 (15) comes as trendy with three USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports conveyed uniformly over the 3 sides, USB-C port, Mini display port, HDMI port, RJ45 Ethernet port and 3.5mm earphone/mic jack.

The entire shape is fabricated from plastic, which sounds mediocre compared to the steel forms of specific workstations in this class. Be that as it can, plastic aides in retaining weight inside proper limits and the Legion Y540 (15) simply puts a strain of 2.3Kgs in your shoulders whilst bearing it.


The Legion Y540 (15) has a 15.6-inch complete HD IPS liquid crystal display show with 72 percent shading array and a maximum splendor of up to three hundred nits. My unit likewise had the discretionary 144Hz invigorate rate board. Additionally, in wellknown, the presentation does an great interest of displaying what you need to peer .

The presentation seems outstanding with exquisite and hanging hues along truthful complexity. Be that as it is able to, I sense the display screen ought to have finished with more dynamic excellent in shading multiplication, which could have made gaming a ways and away superior on this. Anyways, remembering the asking cost, the Legion Y540’s presentation could be very remarkable and it’s almost retaining pace with what the undertaking offers. The 144Hz revive price is honestly an unquestionable requirement have overhaul because it makes each gaming, simply as ordinary home windows 10 things, look smoother than expected.

We communicate about the exhibition and considering the fact that I formerly referenced I had the mid-stage model with the mid-degree specifications, the presentation became wonderful for what the equipment should do. The 9th center i7-9750H isn’t the freshest and most dominant cycle of the core i7 but for fledglings and easygoing game enthusiasts, it gives all the exhibition you’ll require.

The Nvidia GTX 1660Ti illustrations card is beneficial for messing around at full HD desires with high to medium designs settings at steady high side paces of over 60 fps. I got the pleasant out of Wolfenstein YoungBlood at medium to excessive settings for 60 fps. My maximum cherished F1 2019 ran on the most increased settings with a steady casing pace of over 60 fps and that i didn’t see any drop in execution appreciably in the wake of playing a full-length Grand Prix enduring three hours. What’s extra, for games, for example, Fortnite and PUBG, you can play on the most expanded settings with satisfactory casing paces of round 50-60 fps. The warm presentation became additionally high-quality as I didn’t see any drop in outline prices drastically following 3 nonstop long periods of gaming.

Lenovo’s Vantage programming suite offers a few extra options to examine the stay framework information just as tinker with processor clockspeed. These are cool for geeks yet I in no way wound up observing over the details as well as looking for motivations to modify the exhibition.

As a normal computer, the exhibition is constantly smooth, which is obvious given this has in all likelihood the most dominant internals for a notebook. In my busiest of days, i ended up overseeing among 15 tabs of Chrome, two or 3 word statistics and the sky’s the limit from there. The truely material console, just as precise trackpad, just makes paintings less complicated.

All gaming workstations languish over beneath common battery lifestyles and the Legion Y540 (15) is not any unique case. Be that as it is able to, review of Lenovo Legion Y540 claims lifestyles of as long as five hours and i had the option to hold it alive beneath trendy last burden for near four hours, which isn’t terrible. It takes a tremendous deal of time to charge however honestly, these things don’t make a difference in a gaming pc as you may certainly join it the attachment whilst messing around.

Within the event which you have endured the complete piece, you need to have just got an inexpensive notion of what i am going to kingdom. The review of Lenovo Legion Y540 has intrigued me in territories that trouble the most for easygoing gamers or wannabe proficient game enthusiasts. The middle necessity is terrific execution and, review of Lenovo Legion Y540 even in its mid-level spec, the Legion Y540 (15) conveys profoundly. Lenovo’s super warm administration framework along the smart structure implies there’s no observable throttling after extreme periods.

Be that as it is able to, execution is all round first rate on all gaming pc at this cost. It’s the reasonableness and usefulness that issues the most, and that is the place the Legion Y540 (15) intrigues me varied to a few different. Lenovo’s plan to proceed with a hard plastic shape works magnificently in fact. It opposes smears and scratches, which implies you could endure this one without agonizing over scraping the paint or getting gouges.

Generally speakme, the Lenovo Legion Y540 (15) with its solid form and brief execution is possibly the best reasonable gaming laptop under Rs 1 lakh you should purchase this yr.