Healthy Snacks for That 3:00 Slump


Who doesn’t hit that 3:00 slump? Healthy snacks can help. Whether you work in an office, in a physical job, or stay home with the kids–3:00 seems to be the time that invisible wall hits everyone in the face. It’s incredibly tempting to grab that bag of chips or snack cake and coffee when you hit that daily low. Try one of these alternatives for a few days, however, and see how your body reacts to a new slump time refueling.


  • Nuts pack a protein punch and are healthy fat. A handful of nuts is the kind of healthy snack you can munch on no matter where you are during your 3:00 slump–even if you’re driving in your car.
  • If you’re home and have access to your refrigerator, snack on a slice of lean turkey along with a few carrot sticks or pieces of celery. The protein in the turkey and the nutrients in the veggies will up your energy.
  • Stay hydrated. Skip the caffeine during the 3:00 slump and reach for a giant glass or bottle of water instead. Dehydration makes you tired and is often the source of headaches that often occur around that same time, too.
  • Pack a couple of hard-boiled eggs and enjoy one or both of them as a healthy snack in the late afternoon. The protein will provide you with the energy you need to power through until dinner time when you will replenish your system once again.
  • A glass or small carton of nonfat milk is perfect for that slump time if you’re on the go. Once again, protein without fat is an excellent healthy snack.

Try one of these healthy snacks the next time you find yourself fading fast during that 3:00 slump. See if it doesn’t pick you up better than unhealthy options.


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