Dyson V8 Absolute: The closing cordless vacuum purifier

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Motivations to buy

  • Light and decreased
  • High-quality cleansing on all surfaces
  • It’s even certainly polished
  • Battery lifestyles on max manipulate

Quality nonetheless expenses

The Dyson V8 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner, just like the 360 Eye robot vacuum cleanser from a comparable emblem, isn’t modest. In evaluation to the 360 Eye, we wholeheartedly endorse the V8 Dyson cordless vacuum notwithstanding the £499.99 sticker fee.

Why things being what they may be, you inquire? In our audit of its ancestor, the Dyson V6, we broadcasted it to be the King of the Cordless Vacs, however observed that it had a couple of defects. Well prepare to have your thoughts blown. Dyson’s simply proceeded to restore the ones defects.

The final results isn’t most effective the high-quality cordless vacuum you should purchase be that as it can, for some own family units, it’ll certainly be The satisfactory Vac (a considerable amount of) cash should buy.

Improvements over Dyson V6

Ok, so easily left out info please little personalities, and for the diverse enhancements produced the use of the Dyson V8 Absoluteto the V8, this film, which we assume will probably not be diverting the BAFTA board, is the most giant, for us.

In each past Dyson handheld, exhausting the little field covered flicking the residue, lighten and poop out with a chopstick or similar. By no means again. The whole engine and channel rises gloriously from the box – by risk, cleansing the channel paintings perfect because it goes – because the little trapdoor pops open. The entirety drops out; you would now be capable of go back to consuming with that chopstick. Or however possibly now not.

Cleaning force and battery existence

This is some other improvement over the V6 and perhaps the important thing one. Suction – associated with the fanatastical flow call of cleaning sets out toward hard floors, cover, incidental surfaces, ‘fissure’ and upholstery – is currently good enough to render corded vacuum cleaners extra in numerous homes.

Perhaps no longer if your private home is palatial and giant, or has sections of land of profound ground covering (not excessively the Dyson V8 Absolute battles with cover by any manner) or you just clean it as soon as every month. Be that as it could, for those in littler houses, pads, and those who nearly nothing and frequently, this is the principle vac you’ll require.

Depite the cleansing force being recognizably helped over the V6, battery lifestyles is very better. On traditional suckage placing, you get somewhere in the variety of 25 and 40 minutes of cleansing. On most severe, you get seven. Those figures are for the most part higher than the V6.

We award you that those activities nonetheless don’t sound rather protracted, and it’s without a doubt prudent to connect the Dyson V8 Absolute to revive after use. That is not a problem, due to the gap-green divider dock that Dyson offers.

Be that as it can, at that point, ask yourself fairly how regularly you go through over seven minutes vacuuming, no longer to mention 40. Positioned it along these lines: I’ve in no way arise short on juice at the same time as using it, apart from after I’ve unnoticed to depart it on charge.

Unique employments

The extraordinary component about the V8 is that it’s no longer simplest for floors. It’s so mild and simple to deal with, with connections to make it fill in as everything from a reducing edge upstanding vacuum cleanser to a minimized, car kind vac, that you may utilize it to attract residue off of basically any rattling thing you move over.

It will do roofs, racks, couches, drapes, worktops, motors, yachts, decorations… on the decrease pace placing, with the short, delicate brush head I’ve even applied it to expel stray follicles from my shirt and the again of my neck after a hair fashion.

The spongey head gave is wonderful to wellknown cleansing of hard floors and tiles, even as the comb head works admirably on rugs. Distinctive heads do everything else, at the same time as the long extender cylinder gives you a chance to get your clean on with tougher to arrive at regions, just as, sincerely, the floor.


It’s been a lengthy, tough enjoy to get the Dyson hand-held to date. The early models, starting with the DC16 right in 2007, as of now seemed exceptional and achieved a obligation, but they were underpowered, fleeting and a bugger to keep up.

The V6 changed into drawing nearer being the completed article yet the V8 takes the handheld, cordless idea over the quit purpose. Every little aspect about it seems to had been (reexamined via, from the channels which you in reality haul out and wash with water to the terrific waste canister onerous instrument to the distinct and energizing metal orange/cobalt blue shading plan

At barely short of 500 quid, it’s clearly not modest. No sir. Indeed it’s extra than the entirety of Dyson’s wired fashions, and equivalent to no much less than five Henrys.

What of it? For its adaptability, continuously on hand nature, its style and usefulness, this Dyson V8 is simply well worth the hypothesis.

We can’t kingdom with all out sureness that it’ll preserve going for a big period of time, yet the ultimate four Dyson handhelds we’ve had are for the most component as but running, in special new homes, in order that rouses believe in its ability lifestyles span.

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